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What do you want to know about me?

I am a 2nd year teacher at Lehigh Senior High School. Prior to that, I was employed as a Pre-Trial Investigator for the 20th Judicial Circuit. Between Criminal Justice, and Education, I have seen and experienced many intersting things. People are capable of anything. I take that attitude into the classroom. Expectations must be clearly listed. Expectations for behavior, academic progress, and personal achievement must never waiver in the classroom. There can be no excuses for failure. That includes parents, teachers, administrators, and students. We always have challenges in this profession, but we can never make excuses! There is plenty of information out in this world that can not be found in a textbook. Through use of technology, and innovative teaching techniques, we can teach our students to reach out and achieve far more than they ever envisioned.

In addition to teaching, I coach Cross Country and Track at Lehigh Senior High School. The oppurtunities in shaping young minds through coaching are endless.

Another day at the office!

What a team!

They may not look like much, but these guys rock!


Favorite Sports Teams
Baseball: LA Dodgers
Basketball: LA Lakers
Football: Tampa Bay Buccaneers
College: USF Bulls